Are you looking to bring new life to your event and make it stand out from the crowd? Do you need something to catch the eye and arouse interest?  A Bedouinflex™ Stretch Tent is just for you. Available for purchase is a range of marquee tents in different sizes and colours, along with different labelling, personalization and branding options to suit your needs. Logos or full colour images can be digitally printed onto the canvas to provide highly effective brand exposure.

Managed Purchase
In addition to the outright custom purchase, we offer a maintenance contract – this comprises an annual contract which includes the following as part of a set fee per call out:

  • Storage of your canvas at our warehouse
  • Delivery / Collection
  • Our Rigging expertise
  • Hire of our tent accessories (i.e. poles, pins, baseplates, rope & pole caps)

This option is particularly popular with corporate clients who have purchased a branded structure.


What Our Tents Offer

Each tent undergoes a strict and detailed check by the manufacturer before being shipped, meaning our tents arrive in prestige condition at your doorstep. All our tents have been designed and made to meet local and international fire, structural and safety standards. Our stretch fabric is tough but flexible and contains built-in fire retardant, anti-bacterial treatment and UV stabilisers.

You really do get value for money with our tents and, when well-maintained, they have been designed to endure 10 years of use.

Peace Of Mind
All our tents are 100% waterproof and built with UV absorbers for the sun. Rest easy knowing your tent has been designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Our stretch tents come in a variety of sizes with popular, stand-out colours to choose from. The stretch tents are also available to be custom-made.

We have plenty of different branding options available, whether you require a specific coloured tent, or your brand/logo design on a white tent.

All our tents have been made with a super flexible material, allowing you to form the tent and construct it in many different shapes and designs. Using our waterproof joining system, you can interlink multiple tents, giving you the flexibility to expand for a location or maximise capacity for an event.

We are happy to provide you with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee with our friendly customer relations and reliable delivery service.

Stretch Tents Australia offers a range of different tent sizes, from 4.5x6m to 20x30m, including custom-made sizing options. If you are interested in purchasing or personalising one of our Bedouinflex™ Stretch Tents, we can help you make the right choice.