Whatever the occasion, we will be sure to help add style and a touch of class with one of our elegant and eye-catching stretch tents. In Summer, they can be constructed with open walls and entrances, to create and lift an open entertaining space, marrying indoors with the outdoors. During wind and rain, or on those cold wintry days, the sides can be built lower to the ground, providing protection from the elements. Unlike the old-style pole marquees, our stretch tents have been designed to be erected quickly. With our expert team of riggers, even the more complex builds can be completed in a few hours. This also applies to taking down the tent, enabling a quick and easy deconstruction so we can be out of your way as soon as possible.

The Tents

Our stylish stretch tents are the ideal product for any event. Whether you’re hosting an intimate dinner for 15 of your closest friends, or throwing a cocktail party for 300 people, we have the marquee for you. They are perfect for weddings, corporate events, trade shows, sports events, market days, music festivals and more – big, small, rain or shine, we’ve got the stretch tent you require. Our tents can be configured to fit any venue or location and are available in an array of colours and sizes.

Looking for more? Our stretch tents can also effortlessly interlink, allowing us to create and connect various tents for a unique, spacious area that suits your requirements. The possibilities are endless!


What you can expect from us

Tent Set Up
Before your event, you can expect one of our crew to arrive on the day at the agreed time, and to professionally and efficiently erect the tent/s according to the pre-made agreement. Our crew chief will meet you and go through the exact positioning of the tent/s, including which sides you require up and down. In order for our team to be as efficient as possible, it is important that you have an idea in mind of the positioning and look of the tent/s so that our team can begin work as quickly as possible. Once the tent/s are erect and in position, our crew chief will conduct a final check to make sure they meet with all health and safety requirements and are suited to withstand the conditions of the day.

Taking Down Tents
After your event has finished, you can expect our team to arrive at the agreed time to take down the tents and remove any other hire accessories from the site. After the team has cleared the area, the crew chief will conduct a final walk-through of the area to ensure it has been left clean and tidy.

On Site Support
Although we do not usually offer on-site support throughout the event, we are happy to provide this service for you. If you’re unsure of weather conditions, for example, a crew member can remain available to raise and lower the sides of the tent if necessary.